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The ability to design and implement a web page that is search engine friendly and yet provides customer satisfaction, better Return on Investments and high conversion rate is known as a SEO web design.

However the dual purpose SEO web design is difficult to create. The search engine analyzes a website while the customer requires proper information. While the customer is not bothered about your website's keyword density or your Meta tags, search engines only care about Meta tags and keyword density. Finding that balance between user friendly services and keyword optimization is an art. To make a website search engine friendly, there are more than 100 factors.

That is where our specialized SEO Web Design service comes into the picture. We can proudly say that we have proven results that show that not only can you have an eye pleasing website that is search engine friendly but has high online visibility with out expert SEO services. This gives your business a higher return on investments while a top search engine rank.

- Systematic Directory Submissions
- Link Building
- Website Optimization Services
- Keyword Research
- One Way Links


SMO - Social Media Optimization
The social media is increasing rapidly these days. Keeping this in mind we've created a team of trained personals who have expertise in Social Media Optimization. By applying SMO techniques company can attract unique visitors to website content. This method includes:

- RSS feeds
- Social news
- Sharing buttons integrations
- User rating
- Polling tools
- Blogging
- Commenting on other blogs
- Participating in discussion groups
- Social community forums (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Comprehensive SEO Consulting
We provide a complete SEO service solution for all your online marketing requirements. The salient features are defined below:

- Intensive Keyword Research to select the most relevant keywords
- Onsite and Per Page optimization for selected keywords
- One way links to target relevant keywords
- Manual submission of 100% original content articles to distribution websites
- Complete performance reports submitted before, during and after SEO consultancy for record keeping
- Manual directory submissions of the optimized page to selected sites
- Guaranteed inclusion of back links in Press release
- 100% guarantee of optimized page inclusion
- Free consultation during your complete experience with our company
- Expert ghostwriting services for high quality articles


Quality SEO Marketing Service
We offer specialized SEO marketing services to help your website achieve the top place in major search engines. Please read more about the services:

Comprehensive SEO Consulting
PPC (Pay Per Click) - With years of experience in providing cost effective PPC services to get you targeted higher website traffic with the aid of Google AdWords and other popular PPC programs. To lessen your workload, we have the manpower to manage small and large PPC accounts to provide you ample time to expand your business and look into other responsibilities. We fine tune PPC campaigns and set up conversion tracking pages for better monitoring of the marketing program. Additionally, all our PPC services are charged by the hour.

Article writing and submission services
Without good content, your SEO campaign fails. Thus, we provide excellent article writing services where the content is 100% unique and you hold the copyright for the created content. Apart from quality information, these articles contain the most relevant Search engine optimized keywords to get higher traffic to your website. You may add these articles to your website. Additionally, we will manually submit the articles to submission centers with anchor texts and back links to your website. That provides inbound links to your website. The quality content as relevant to your business with choicest SEO keywords. Usually our article is about 300-500 words but if you require longer articles, we can customize them accordingly. Additionally, we provide submission services if you have ready articles for submissions.

Press Releases
With excellent relationship with press release agencies, we offer the best ways to get a good word out about your business ventures. A cost effective affordable SEO service that we provide to get higher visibility online as well as cash on inbound links, our SEO experts advice on publishing a press release every 4-6 months. The secret behind using a press release to create news about your product or service is the way it has been written. With our expert copywriters and staff editors, you are sure that your press release will be picked up by the relevant sites, newswire services and freelance websites. If you are not sure about writing it on your own, we can create a professional press release that can highlight your business and services.

Content Writing
Most of our clients prefer having unique content on their website and we appreciate that fact. Considering their business requirements, we provide unique and customized website content that will merge in well with the existing site content, with interconnecting content links. Unlike articles, we recommend at least 600-1000 words per web page for ideal optimization and information.

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